​At a distance, sit some feathered creatures..

Which may not be white, but are pigeons.

Which may not have homes in your trees, but perch on your balcony.

Which may fly smelling your proximity, but live on your bread crumbs.
Say you often look at them..

Which may not provide ecstasy, but nostalgia.

Which may not bring a smile, but you cry.

Which makes you feel shaky, but then you gather your pieces like never before..!!

Shall I turn to you..??

Acclimated to the world’s apathy, to seek some warmth; shall I turn to you??

Out of mind, aggravated at heart: shall I turn to you??

When I wanna juxtapose someone; shall I turn to you??

When the others find me weird, wild and bizarre; shall I turn to you??

To fill my silence with words and words that mean; shall I turn to you??

When I need that allegiant shoulder to keep my head on; shall I turn to you??

When the night kisses and the curtains billow in the breeze; shall I turn to you??

Disheartened by lots of NO’s; shall I turn to you??

To hear that one YES, shall I turn to you??

It was then..

It was then when I was just with me..
(But I took pleasure in being with myself)

It was then when the passers-by didn’t notice me..

(But their ignorance didn’t affect me)

It was then when the world slept but not me..

(But it seemed to me an opportunity to stare at the stars)

It was then when my tears were unobserved..

(But I didn’t feel like having a shoulder to cry on)

It was then when I was unnerved, unbalanced..

(But my insides felt like knocking down my qualms)

It was then when I was unappreciated..

(But my heart and soul felt unbroken)

It was then when I was forsaken, abandoned by my dear ones..

(But I felt they were making a “stronger me”)

It was then when the onlookers laughed at me..

(But I felt guts to join them)

It was then when all gloomy, ominous things happened..

(But despite of them all, I felt bright inside)


It was then when it happened to me..

I fell in love with my weaknesses, limitations, flaws and imperfection..

I fell in love with “the whole me”❤

I and THEY

I needed to say..they told me to listen..

I said i was an aplomb..they said i was naive..

I needed a fixate..they had options..

I had dreams..they said they were jargons..

I needed to be steady..they told me to gear up..

I needed to live..they pushed me to rush..

I needed to be loved..but lust was all they showed..

I, still was an optimist..but they daunted..

Then they said,”oh, c’mon!!”..

I walked off..

Exploring the unexplored..

I was lazily sitting in a leisurely summer afternoon when I vaguely called up my grandpa. He merrily told me that he and my grandma were chilling at our ancestral home at my native place. “Why don’t I join them?? Ofcourse I don’t have much to do so I’ll explore the place”, I said to myself. So i hung up the phone apprising him of my plan.

My set out..

I drove myself to the place which is actually a small village and is about 60 kms away from the city. I had left it with my parents when I was just 3 so it was impossible for me to remember aything.

Every ordinary and extraordinary thing came into my way-the country fields, the mustard farms,the sheep herds,and the roads without traffic 😁.

I covered most of my journey using the Google maps but it didn’t help me much when I entered the village so I had to ask my way from the local people who seemed very glad to guide me. 

I found my grandparents waiting for me when I reached there☺.

The mustard fields
Making of my trip..

Over a cup of tea, I told my grandpa how inquisitive I was about village life and insisted him to make some arrangements for my trip.

An old acquaintance of my grandpa came over to the place and I accompanied him to his house. Their house was situated amidst the huge farm owned by the family. Such places are locally known as DHANI.

He got me introduced to each and every member of his family..even to the cows, goats, buffaloes he had😀.

The Hay Houses..They use the mud and hay shelters to keep the cattle. These structures have a very special advantage over the concrete structures i.e.,they are cool and soothing in the summers while  warm and cozy in the winters.

I ambled from the house to the fields, cool breeze blew that soothed the face (I actually felt my pimples vanishing 😁).

The landlady came over to me with a cup of tea in her hands, smiling affectionately at me🙂.

The hay houses
She gave the best poses😁

The lavish lunch..

I had a heartiest meal as the food tasted heavenly and I think there were two reasons:

  1.  Its basic recipes were awesome,and
  2. They had blended it with their love. 

The village dusk..

One of the children held my hand and dragged me to the play area when he saw that I was standing and watching them play.

I had a great time playing all sorts of odd sports with them. My cheeks and stomach ached of the hearty mirth.

Fauna of the area
Sleeping with the stars..

The beds were laid in the lea outside the house for each person. Same soothing wind blew failing the ACs in our concrete homes and yeah.. I slept beneath the stars, looking for the constellations until I slept.


Although my trip was planned for just two days, it converted into a full fledged tour package of 4 days and 3 nights😁.

So I’ll insist everybody who’s planning to visit India to go for a village tourism package. Trust me.. you’ll love it.

My commencement

Taking up bolg writing is not a sudden flick..For me, writing is something that ensures freedom: freedom of thought and expression.

I write when I’m feel low, I write when I’m happy, I write when I’m messed up with my textbooks, I write when I don’t want to talk, I write when I’m overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings..

But never had I shown my writings to people and never had I wrote on a platform like this..

So this is my step forward from a solitary writer to a blogger and I’m pretty much happy to commence as one.